Dagon! Eeevah! Horse! Boat!

From an old notebook:

On a ride at Idlewild with Livie

Last night, Silas said, “I see you, kitty!” We think this is his first SVO sentence.

A few days ago, with no prompting, Silas sorted his magnet rods by color. He seems to know what primary colors make each secondary color, but I’m not sure.

Obsessed with Dumbo, but all he remembers is “elephant bath!” Also obsessed with Shawn the Sheep. The other day, he said, “Watch sheep?” I said maybe later. He said, “Watch sheep NOW?” FIRST ADVERB!

He suddenly is expressing that he remembers things. Several weeks ago, we went to Idlewild with JC’s family. Ever since, Silas will randomly tell us, “Dagon! Eeevah! Horse! Boat!”–describing how he and Olivia (Eeeevah) rode a dragon, a horse, and a boat. That was quite a revelation for me–he rode on those rides either by himself or with Olivia, whom he had just met. He did great–I thought he would freak out.

A few days after Idlewild, we had friends over for the afternoon. Myers swam in the (very cold!) river, and Silas likes to report that event, too: “Myoohs swimming river!”


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